About the Site

Divide by Zero Winamp Skins, "/0 Winamp" for short, began as the uncreatively named Lady Elwen's Winamp Skins, whose purpose should be self-explanatory. When Trisyana finally started making skins of her own, years after I (Elwen) originally showed her how, we decided to modify the site to host both of our skins, since I host her collective anyway, and we collaborate on AIM icons at Take Aim. At first we thought just to offer Trisyana's skins as "guest skins", but I'd been wanting to rename the site anyway, so we decided to make it a joint effort with me as the primary maintainer of the site. There seem to be a lot of anime skin sites owned by two-person teams.

The name "Divide by Zero" doesn't have too much of a history behind it. I wanted something geeky but not overdone, and I was musing on the name of my journal, "Key Zero", as well as the zero-infinity duality I've featured on my collective, when the phrase suddenly struck me as being ideal. As you will or have already seen with my skins, I am not the most creative with titles.

About the Skins

As already stated on the main page, all of the skins are made entirely by hand using Adobe Photoshop. We do not use skinning programs like skinner.exe, and we highly disapprove of their use in any form whatsoever.

The images we use in our skins are often gathered from various sites around the internet, and, in some cases, use screenshots or scans we have made ourselves. We make every effort to credit the source in the readme, but sometimes we are just inspired by an image on the harddrive after having long lost track of where we got it. If you recognize an image that is yours and would like the skin taken down or would like to be credited, please do send us an email. We apologize for not having asked permission ahead of time.

If you want to post these skins on your own website, please read the instructions and terms on the Un-Asked Questions page.