Arc the Lad Skins

Arc the Lad is a series of video games, also adapted into an anime. Since all the skins feature anime images, it’s categorized under “Anime/Manga”.

August 3rd, 2002 Wind Slash
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Character(s): Shu

Size: 186kb

I just love the positioning of the image on this skin. It's a weird pose, and I was afraid it wouldn't work.

Shu holds the series title of "Most Kick-Ass Character", albeit sharing it with Tosh. ^_^

July 18th, 2002 Wanderin’ Destiny
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Character(s): Arc Ricolne

Size: 113kb

I kind of sabotaged myself with this skin in the sense that I made it too early, before I knew the context of the image and just how meaningful the song, "Wanderin' Destiny", would become to me in terms of the series.

About all I knew at the time of making was:
Arc is pretty. :D~~~