LOVELESS is a manga by Kouga Yun and was later adapted into an anime. Catboys and pretty boys, yum. :3

April 13th, 2008 Attraction
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Character(s): Aoyagi Ritsuka & Agatsuma Soubi

Size: 177kb

If all of Ines/Neko's LOVELESS skins over at Arashi no Umi are techno-y, then I guess all of mine are geometric...y. But no more stars after this. I'm going back to circles and squares. x_x

EDIT: And two days after finishing this skin, I find this over at Schlachthaus Nine. *facepalm* Well... our styles are different, at least.

November 19th, 2007 The Better Girl
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Character(s): Aoyagi Ritsuka

Size: 138kb

Yes yes, Ritsuka is a boy. But I found the song appropriate. I didn't put the title anywhere in the actual skin, so it won't bother you, mmkay?