Un-Asked Questions

As you can probably tell by now, this is just a FAQ. Except no one has ever actually asked these questions -- hopefully because we successfully pre-empted them. If you do have questions, please do ask.

Can I request a character / series?

Essentially, no. But.

Basically, we are busy people with tons of images of our own that we want to skin and simply don't have the time to do. Making skins takes a lot of time and effort. So we probably aren't going to make something just because you want us to. However, there is always the chance that your request just happens to be one of the things we've been meaning to do anyway, and your asking gives us the push to actually do it. There are more un-made skins on our harddrives than are dreamt of in your philosophy. In other words, you're welcome to try, but don't expect too much.

What is Winamp? What is a skin? How do I use it?

Winamp is a free MP3 and video player available at www.winamp.com.

A skin is something that changes the appearance of a program. For "classic" skins, this consists of a set of images and text files, zipped together and sometimes renamed with the extension WSZ. A "classic" skin can change the appearance of the buttons, but it can't change their position or existence. In other words, as long as you click in the right place, things will happen even if the skin doesn't show a button to be there.

To download a skin, click on the screenshot and save the linked file. (If you have trouble downloading by right-clicking, try left clicking instead.) After you have the skin on your harddrive, open Winamp, press Alt+S, set the directory to where you saved the file, and choose the skin from the list. You do not need to unzip the file. Alternatively, you can choose "Skins" under the "Options" menu to access the Skin Browser as well as a list of skins in your current directory. If all else fails, rename the file to .wsz instead of .zip, and double-click on it.

Can I post your skins on my site?

Probably, if you follow these guidelines:
(1) You must email us and ask for permission.
(2) You may not take more than 3 skins.
(3) You must give credit by linking back to this site.
(4) You may not modify the skin(s) in any way.
(5) You must upload the skins to your own server. (No direct-linking!)

Keep in mind that we have the ultimate say in whether you can use our skins or not. After all, we made them, spending hours or even days to do so. If we don't like your site, that is sufficient reason to refuse permission. (Though, if you're thoughtful enough that you've even read this paragraph, it's unlikely that we'll really find your site that objectionable.)

Why don't you make modern skins?

We are old, crusty skinners who had been doing things the same way for years before modern skins ever existed. We are now too set in our ways to adapt to these newfangled things. :P

What do you use to make these skins?

All skins are made in Adobe Photoshop. We don't use skinning programs and wouldn't even be able to tell you where to find one.

Can you teach me now to make Winamp skins?

Not very well. I'm working on writing a tutorial, but it's not very complete, and I don't know when I'll have time to work on it. If you really want to learn how to skin, I would recommend starting here. Good luck!